Castor oil to strengthen your hair

Vegetable oils are an important source of vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients that are extremely beneficial for health

castor oil offers excellent properties for strengthening hair and promoting its growth discover all about it in this post

What is castor oil?

Also known as Castor oil, it is a substance that is extracted from the seed of the tree that has this same name, which is native to North Africa. It has regenerative, moisturizing and healing properties due to the high content of essential fatty acids that it has, which are really beneficial for health.

In its composition is ricinoleic acid, which is rich in Omega 3, also vitamin E which works as a natural antioxidant. In general all natural essential oils have a high content of vitamins and antioxidants, for this reason they are used in the production of cosmetic and personal care products such as soaps.

The use of castor oil in cosmetics and natural beauty

Due to its composition rich in nutrients and ricinoleic acid, castor oil is very useful for skin and hair care. The best part is that it is a product of natural origin, which is why it does not contain any type of chemicals that can damage skin cells or hair, and it is also friendly to the environment.

This vegetable oil can be used directly as a beauty treatment on various parts of the body. Is it a versatile product that can be essential in your daily care routine.

Natural moisturizer

Castor oil is ideal for moisturizing dry skin and helps reduce imperfections such as stretch marks, spots or scars, its high content of vitamin E contributes to cell regeneration. And it can be very effective in treating dark circles.

Hair strengthening and regeneration

This is one of the best properties of castor oil and for which it has become very popular, it is a very effective product to stop hair loss at the same time that its fatty acids penetrate the scalp to provide the necessary nutrients that strengthen it and make it more beautiful.

In this sense, the prolonged and frequent use will increase the thickness of the hair follicles. Especially in those cases where they are weak. For its part, linoleic acid will contribute to hair regeneration. by increasing the risk of blood

This way, new hair will begin to grow for weeks, which will give your hair greater volume and strength.

Just apply the castor oil after washing your hair when it is still wet, massage it from the roots to the ends and wrap it in a towel to let it act and rinse the lenses with plenty of water to reduce grease.

Long and strong eyelashes

Just as castor oil is effective on hair, it is also effective on eyelashes, its fatty acids are nutritious, so they will grow stronger and brighter.

It can be applied once a day as a kind of mascara or by applying a small massage with your fingers.

More populated eyebrows

If you have any part of your eyebrows where not enough hair has grown, or you would like to have them thicker using castor oil, once a day will make a difference.

Just apply a few drops directly with your fingers and perform a small massage. The result will be fuller eyebrows, so you can give them the shape you prefer.

As you have seen, castor oil has excellent health properties and, being of natural origin, there are no side effects, so you can start using it whenever you want and you will notice the results. Find other interesting articles on cosmetics and personal care and our website.

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