Ideas for the perfect baby shower

Celebrating a baby shower is ideal to get together with your loved ones and receive gifts that will be very useful for the new baby. At these parties there are always lots of cookies, cupcakes, decorations and fun games. In this post we offer you ideas to celebrate an original baby shower.

How to organize a baby shower

In this post we will give you all the advice you need so that you do not overlook any detail and if you celebrate the perfect baby shower.

Guest sign-in book

It does not necessarily have to be a book as such, just make sure it has enough space for everyone to sign their signature in an original way. That record will remain as a memory of the celebration and you can include it in the baby’s album.

An original idea could be to create a frame with ribbons on which small leaves in the shape of baby clothes can be hung, attached with clips. The objective will be for each guest to put their signature on one of the garments.


Although they look like bouquets of flowers, they are actually created with bibs, wipes and diapers for babies. This is an original way of giving useful elements for any mom and her baby, you just have to roll them up and present them interspersed in terms of their colors then make a paper cone introduce them all Decorating with a beautiful bow.

If you are the mother, you can give these ideas to some of your guests in case they don’t know what to give you.

Maternity books

It will always be useful to have some reading regarding this new stage of life that you are going to face.

Prepare your own library with maternity books of your choice and ask guests to give you new titles so you have a broader repertoire.

Healthy food

In any meeting you can not miss the food and the baby shower is no exception. In this case, you can bet on healthy food options made up of a menu of fruits and vegetables whose shapes, colors and flavors allow you to create. attractive and fun appetizers in the form of skewers or even chocolate fountains

Especially fruit is very versatile, if you learn how to cut and create ingenious figures like her be it baby strollers or simple but adorable little hearts.

Don’t miss the sweet

Sweets are ideal to accompany the theme of the baby shower, the most practical and fun suggestions are usually popcorn, cakepops, lollipops, and everything mom and dad love to eat.

Decorated cookies

This is the perfect occasion to prepare cookies in the form of booties, strollers, bottles, bodys, ducklings, pacifiers and everything that has to do with babies.

The selection of colors will depend on the sex of the baby: Pink and white for girls and blue and green for boys are usually the most used but you can choose the one you prefer

Cocktails for everyone

Considering that this is a family party and the pregnant mother cannot consume alcohol, this is a good time to encourage guests to approve non-alcoholic cocktails.

On the internet, you will find tons of cocktail recipes homemade that you can prepare without any type of alcohol and extremely delicious.

Funny drinks

The baby shower is the best time to replace traditional cups and glasses with ingenious baby bottles. It will be a fun way to liven up the party and entertain guests.

Craft section

If you don’t know how to entertain the guests, you can create a kind of section at the party where they are encouraged to create their own crafts. It should be full of useful materials with which they can make a souvenir or present for the future baby.

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